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AmpliVisionS has entered into a distribution agreement with Radiant Group

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Author : AmpliVsionS
Update time : 2021-02-02 17:19:36

                       AmpliVisionS has entered into a distribution agreement with Radiant Group

AmpliVisionS, a company working at the leading edge of high power GaN solid-state amplifier research and development in China, has entered into a distribution agreement with Radiant Group Ltd, one of the TOP-5 largest distributors of electronic components in Russia.

"We are very pleased to announce a new distribution agreement with Radiant. This strategic relationship with Radiant will enhance our competitiveness in the Russian, Belarusian and Kazakhstan markets. Radiant’s marketing and sales capabilities will solve the complex challenges of connecting product developers and end customers, and Radiant’s customer relationships will drive us to establish in-depth partnerships with more local end customers,” said Victor Chen, VP sales & marketing of AmpliVisionS, "We are looking forward to new opportunities to increase our presence in the high-growth market of Eurasian Economic Union. "
Founded in
1992, Radiant Group is in the Top 5 of the biggest distributors of electronic components in Russia. The company provides complex supplies of a wide range of items, has several dozens of contracts with leading Russian and worldwide manufacturers and uses design-in work its engineers as a source of distribution activity. They also design and produce their own perspective chips and connectors, and have their own certification center for electronic components. Key directions of development and connectors, sensors, passives and filters, power electronics, wireless technologies. Radiant is the leader in terms of technical support, range of services, intensity of information and consulting activities, the quality of supplied components.
Radiant has a central office in Moscow and representative offices in the largest cities of Russia: St. Petersburg, Yekaterinburg, Novosibirsk. This allows to respond quickly to requests and deliver on time.