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How about the performance of AmpliVisionS SSPA in 2~6GHz with 200Watt output?

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Author : AmpliVsionS
Update time : 2021-07-13 16:54:11

AmpliVisionS, a company working at the leading edge of high power GaN solid-state amplifier research and development in China., announced that have recently completed the upgrade and improvement of the SSPA technical solution - AVBR2060U53. So how about the performance of AmpliVisionS SSPA in 2~6GHz with 200Watt output?

The AVBR2060U53 is a 200W high gain Solid State Broadband High Power Amplifier System. This model utilizes the latest high power RF GaN transistors and also features built in control and monitoring, with protection functions to ensure high availability. This amplifier is suitable for high power CW or Pulse system applications, Communication Modulated Signal Test ( LTE && 5G ), or EMC testing situation.
This product integrates the latest core technologies of our company, including the techniques and tips about wideband high efficiency matching, high linear cascade design methodology, and wideband equalizer. Benefit from these advanced technologies, this SSPA subsystem can guarantee the minimum saturated power of 200W, while the average PAE of the whole frequency band is around 25%. The most valuable thing is that the SSPA subsystem has excellent linearity, and provides a minimum P1dB of 100W in the full frequency band.


In terms of Harmonic Depression and Amplitude phase consistency, this product also has excellent performance:
the max 2nd/3rd Harmonics is -15/-20 dBc; and the max Power Gain Flatness is ±1.3dB; the IMD3 in the whole band is between -23~-20dBc. The max Input VSWR is 1.8, and the typical outpur VSWR is 1.8 too.
                                                 Power Gain S21@ Pin=0 dBm (Ambient temp. +25±2, Load VSWR1.2)


                                                Small signal gain @Pin=-30dBm (Ambient temp. +25±2, Load VSWR1.2)


                                  Input VSWR
 @Pin=-30dBm (Ambient temp. +25±2, Load VSWR1.2)

This high-power amplifier subsystem was successfully developed in July last year and was optimized repeatedly before finalization. In just over a month, this product has been approved by several customers and added to their purchase plan. It is expected that more than 30 sets of this SSPA system will be provided to different customers in the coming year.
Since its founding, AmpliVisionS is focused on solid state power amplifiers, and is committed to providing customers with innovative SSPA solutions. At present, AmpliVisionS's solid-state power amplifier product line has covered form 1MHz to 40GHz, with an output power up to kilowatts. The actual application areas of those amplifiers include general testing, special communications, electromagnetic warfare, phased array radar, UAV systems etc. AmpliVisionS is still constantly developing new products to meet the diverse and ever-changing needs of customers. The vision of AmpliVisionS is to fill the need for high quality, reliable, state-of-the-art, power amplifiers at an affordable cost, with quick deliveries, and hassle-free customer service.
Due to the deterioration of the international trade environment and the decline of the market economy, many companies have to find new reliable suppliers and alternative solutions. AmpliVisionS seized this opportunity and successfully replaced the original supplier (an internationally renowned brand) with its strong product development capabilities and quality management capabilities. AmpliVisionS look forward to cooperating with customers from different countries and regions to empower them to create more outstanding works.