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The 13th China International Aerospace Expo kicked off in Zhuhai

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Author : AmpliVsionS
Update time : 2021-09-28 11:50:36

This morning, the 13th China International Aerospace Expo (China Air Show) kicked off in Zhuhai city. This year’s airshow will be online and offline for 700 companies and thousands of exhibits from about 40 countries and regions; indoor exhibition area is 100,000 square meters, outdoor exhibition area is 360,000 square meters, and ground equipment dynamic demonstration area is 120,000 square meters. Meter. The number of exhibition halls in this year's airshow has increased from 8 to 11 in the previous edition.

The organizer revealed that a total of 105 aircraft, more than 30 radars and other equipment will be displayed during the air show. Among them, the Chinese Air Force’s "August 1st" aerobatic team and the Chinese Air Force Aviation University "Red Eagle" aerobatic team will perform aerobatics at this air show, and the Aviation Industry Pterosaur II UAV and AG600 large amphibious aircraft will fly for the first time. exhibit.


The J-16D electronic warplane also made its first public appearance at this air show. This new electronic warplane developed on the basis of the J-16 heavy fighter has a comprehensive combat capability of "reconnaissance, offense, and defense". It also has electronic jamming equipment mounted on its wingtips and under the wings, which can interfere with enemy electronic equipment; the aircraft can also mount weapons such as anti-radiation missiles for critical operations against enemy radars, communication equipment, early warning aircraft, etc. The node implements a crackdown.
In the outdoor static display area, there is also the first appearance of UAV the Rainbow-6. The aircraft adopts a conventional aerodynamic layout with a large aspect ratio, a T-type tail fin, and a tail crane twin-engine turbofan engine. It has the outstanding advantages of high flying height, strong load capacity, long endurance and long range. With the outstanding advantages of high altitude and high speed, the Rainbow-6 can effectively avoid the threat of ground air defense artillery fire. Even in the extreme case of single-engine failure, the single-engine power can effectively ensure the safe return of the UAV to the base, and the system has strong survivability. The Rainbow-6 UAV can perform high-altitude reconnaissance and surveillance, integrated surveillance and combat, maritime anti-submarine and patrol alert, air early warning detection, close air support and other combat tasks.


At this air show, a variety of new anti-stealth intelligence radars, mid- and low-altitude combat alert radars, and multi-functional weapon positioning radars were also exhibited in physical objects. Known as the "flagship of anti-stealth radar" YLC-8E UHF band three-coordinate warning radar will be displayed dynamically. This radar mainly implements long-range early warning detection tasks for stealth aircraft and detects and perceives various aerodynamic targets. It has many characteristics such as diverse target types, long detection range, high range resolution, and strong anti-interference ability.
Another new type of radar that debuted for the first time is the YLC-12 mid-to-low-altitude multifunctional radar nicknamed "Warning Tower". It has ultra-high maneuverability and leading detection power among similar equipment. 6-story building), which can effectively solve the detection problems of UAVs and cruise missiles in the battlefield environment. In addition, SLC-12 type all-solid-state active phased array radar, KLC-11 type multi-function UAV-borne radar and other full-spectrum and full-band radar equipment will also be displayed in a concentrated manner.