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Power Amplifier, 2.0~6.0 GHz, 80W

Item No.: AVBR2060H49
The AVBR2060H49 is a 80W high gain Solid State Broadband High Power Amplifier. This amplifier module utilizes the latest high power RF GaN transistors and also features built in control and monitoring, with protection functions to ensure high availability. This amplifier is suitable for broadband jamming and EMC testing.
Description Symbol Min Typ   Max   Unit
Operating Frequency BW 2   6 GHz
Output Power CW Psat   80   W
Power Gain @ Psat Gp   49   dB
Power Gain Flatness @ Rated PSAT ∆Gp   ±1.5   dB
Input Power for Rated PSAT PIN   0   dBm
Harmonics @ Pout = 40W 2nd   12   dBc
Noise Figure NF   12   dB
Spurious Signals@ Pout =40W Spur   -60   dBc
Input Return Loss S11     -10   dB
Third Order Intercept Point
2-Tone @ 40dBm/Tone, 100kHz Spacing
Operating Voltage VDC 26 28 30 V
Current Consumption @ Pout= 80W IDD   15   A
Switching Time @ 1kHz TTL, PIN = -2dBm TON/TOFF   5   µs
Cooling  External : Heat Sink Needed  (Not Supplied)
Length* Width*Height[ mm ] 160*120*25
Weight[ Kg ] 1.5
RF Connector Input SMA, Female
RF Connector Output TNC, Female