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Solid State Broadband High Power Amplifier Subsystem 2~8GHz, 50W

Item No.: AVBR2080U48
The AVBR2080U48 is a 2-8GHz, 50W Solid State Broadband High Power Amplifier with state-of-art GaN design technology. The built-in control and monitoring, with protection functions are offered and it is designed for high power CW or Pulse system applications, such as 5G, LTE, WIFI and other related system & EMC Test.
Product parameters
Modules: Subsystems


Frequency Range: 2-8GHz Solid-state Class AB Broadband design
Psat.: 46.5dBm Min., 48.5dBm Typ. High linearity, high efficiency
Gain: 50dB Min., 53dB Typ.  Suitable for pulse or CW applications
50 ohm input/output impedance Small and light weight
Built-in control, monitoring and protection circuits High reliability and ruggedness

Electrical Specifications  (T=25±3, VAC =220V, CW, Load VSWR<1.2)

Description Min Typ Max Unit
Operating Frequency 2   8 GHz
Output Power CW* @ Pin=-3 dBm 46.5 48.5   dBm
Output P1dB* CW 41 43   dBm
Gain @ Pin= -3 dBm 50 53   dB
Gain Flatness @ Pin=-3 dBm   ±2.5 ±3.0 dB
Input Power for Psat -8 -3 0 dBm
2nd/3rd Harmonics @  Psat   -15/-25 -8/-15 dBc
Spurious Signals @ Pin= -3 dBm   -70 -60 dBc
Small Signal @ Pin= -30 dBm   66   dB
Small Signal Flatness @ Pin= -30 dBm   ±5 ±6 dB
Isolation (Disable Status)   90   dB
Input VSWR   1.5 2 /
Third Intermodulation Third Order
2-Tone @ 37dBm/Tone, 1MHz Space**
  -25 -23 dBc
Supply Voltage (47~63Hz) /Single-Phase 90 220/50Hz 240 V
Power Consumption @ Pout= 50~100W   600 800 W

Note*: Fundamental Power, Harmonics are excluded
Note**: 10MHz Data is Available, please contact sales for further information.


Environmental Specifications (Design Goal)  

Operation Temperature*1 -10 45
Storage Temperature Range -25 75
Relative-Humidity   95 %
Altitude*2 N/A    
Vibration/Shock*2 N/A    

Notes *1: Operation Temperature can be extended to -40~65. Contact Sales for update.

Notes *2: Altitude /Vibration are designed with considerations, but without tests and experiments. Contact Sales for experimentally verified.



Pin<10 dBm(Input RF level without damage) Load VSWR<1.5:1 (50 Ohm )
Pin=-15 dBm Load open or short for up to 10 minutes.
Pin=0 dBm Load VSWR<3:1 for continuous operation
Thermal Degradation 55